A reminder ..... You are a 
Magnificent Amazing Being 
~ Made from Stardust  

 Rainbow Spirit

     shining true colours since 1987

Welcome to Rainbow Spirit  ~  anywhere on planet Earth, Gaia.

Using the colours, vibration, energy, resonance and frequency of the rainbow to bridge & connect all peoples, animals, all nature,

earth (Gaia), universes and all aspects of humanity, using ease and grace with Angels and Serenity Vibration Healing (SVH) | Healing

Balancing your spiritual, physical and mental / emotional bodies and Soul, Higher-Self, God-Self

with love, joy, kindness, harmony and a universal oneness of ‘all that is’.

We are all now in 5 D and yes, everything is different, please remember to flow with it all.

Bringing all this into the experience of ‘now-time’, appreciating each day, for you to explore

yourself and all aspects of life and love. See Books, CD'sTeaching and Products or free help.

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We are about inspiring people to be the best they can be through self-empowerment Angels, Spirituality, self-exploration, & lifestyle and using peace and love in all situations. We also have FREE Help pages.   ~  To become a butterfly, you choose to stop being a caterpillar. 

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NEW: Crystals for sale - go to the Products and scroll down for details  ~  they are calibrated for your energy and contain healing energy which is updated daily at 12 noon. Buy 1 Rose Quartz or Citrine or get 3 unique crystals that will harmonise with your energy and location. Read about the Crystal energy on this site

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