A reminder ..... You are a 
Magnificent Amazing Being 
~ Made from Stardust  

 Rainbow Spirit

     shining true colours since 1987

At Rainbow Spirit, we are focused on providing balanced spiritual and physical services with the highest levels of integrity, service and respect. We promote SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing and Enlightenment®).

We will do what we can to guide you to meet your goals and dreams along your path this lifetime. We remind you that you are a Magnificent, Amazing Being here to learn, love and grow. All choices are honoured and respected.

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Michael is the author of 'Angels are Real', 'Angel and Fairy Alphabet' and his new books out now ~ 'Playing with Angels'; 'Angels are Real 2' and 'Fairies are Real'.     

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Founded by Michael in Lismore, NSW Australia in 1987, Rainbow Spirit encourages all people to shine their true colours and to enjoy the healing colours of nature. Rainbows usually form from the sun reflecting through millions of tiny rain droplets, so where there may be dark clouds of rain, there is always a rainbow, depending on your viewpoint. I also see rain drops as liquid crystals.

This is also a great idea to use through your life, because if energy or something is dark (just describing), you can shift your viewpoint to a positive, colourful aspect and use rainbow healing love and light. Love is the only constant on planet Earth.

Come and explore your inner rainbow of light, love, harmony, peace, kindness and joy - shine it always.

Michael is guided on his path by the wonderful support and backing of Jill Marie, founder of SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing™) and Serenity Ministries™. Jill reminds people that a spiritual journey is fun, honest, expansive and happy. 

He is a Serenity Minister and has connections with all the Serenity Practitioners and Ministers in over 17 countries. He supports Serenity Fellowship: a spiritual gathering in S. E. Queensland, Australia. 

He is a Level 3 Master Practitioner, Serenity Minister and Level 2 SVH Teacher. Michael's 4 books now on the Angel web site (angels.net.au).

Michael also works with crystals and is on a mission to plant healing crystals in many countries.

The SVH 'World Teams' travel on Missions to explore past and present humanity and to work with earth and planetary healing. The humanitarian works involve gifting foods, clothing and medicines to orphanages, and institutions helping peoples of all ages who need support and love, in many countries. 

We have personally visited orphanages in Egypt, India and Peru and we continue to support these organisations and peoples. Serenity Fellowship also supports organisations in Australia like the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, Indigenous Community Volunteers, Medecins Sans Frontieres Australia and the Smith Family.

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We work with and sponsor personal and community empowerment, respect, grace and peace. 

Healing for all people, animals and all of earth (Gaia)

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NOTE: Rev. Michael Bray, born in Australia is not associated in any way whatsoever with another Rev. Michael Bray in the USA - this is a very different person with very different beliefs and ideas. The similarity is in name only.

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