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Magnificent Amazing Being 
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'Angel and Fairy Alphabet': a book and ebook by Michael Francis Bray

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A guide to help you to take your time to stop and be still, here are suggestions to help with change and meditation.

It is a guide to help you to love and accept yourself and achieve a oneness with everyone and everything.

A list of positive, inspiring words, with a spiritual understanding for rejuvenation or to help you through a situation 

or your day or life. Enjoy.


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"You", well, your book I should say :-), "Angel and Fairy Alphabet",  is at hands reach at home, and I regularly open it and pluck some sentences for the day... 

C, Belgium.

and:  "It is so positive ~ the only word that comes to me is: "Hope"... W, France.

and: “That Angel and Fairy Alphabet book.  It keeps jumping out of my bookshelf when I least expect it.” ... P, Australia.

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