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Life Celebration Services:

Michael Bray has performed ceremonies of love, commitment and Blessings in the past. This info gives you an idea of what has happened.

These ceremonies may happen:
  • love commitment and partnership for all people
  • name-giving for people or pets
  • renewal of vows
  • home, business or farm blessings
  • or any 'design - it - yourself' ceremonies for people, pets, houses and communities.

* Angel Ceremonies also:
  • Angel & Guide Recommitment Ceremony - about 30 minutes, €49.55 (about Au$70.)

Click on contact to ask Michael for more information.  

For example he assisted at a spiritual wedding at the Taj Mahal in Agra, India and legally married the same couple in Ballarat, Vic. Michael is no longer a CMC in Australia.

* * * * *

If you need a Photographer in Australia or International Journalist for your special event: I recommend Paul Mischefski, with 35 years experience. Paul covers SE Qld. and Northern NSW & you can contact him on 0429-478 129.

* Pictures (on the right) show Michael as the celebrant at weddings at St. Ruth, Qld.; A dress-up wedding in Ballarat Vic.; A beach wedding, Scotts Head NSW & a lovely cake, with frogs as a theme, marrying friends in South Brisbane Qld. 

Michael is no longer a CMC in Australia.

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