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We are cleaning up the 3rd Dimension, with respect and honour, so Earth can move on

We are all in the 5th Dimension and some people are having an interesting time, just describing, moving from 3D to 4D and to 5D. Mostly they are hanging onto the past memories, relationships, possessions and maybe beliefs that are old and no longer help them or their families. 6D will happen in July 2017.

Gaia (earth) is also moving forward, however there are some old situations that need cleaning-up. The earth is about 4.5 billion years old and there have been a lot of beautiful, amazing changes on her, however there have also been millions of conflicts, wars, catastrophes and changes that people hang onto. The positive learning situations are great to remember and cherish, however anything less than 100% love and light needs to be uplifted, honoured, respected and released.

Now the Angels, Masters and Guides can do so much, but they need physical help with this.

Michael has been dropping over 159 crystals and creating etheric crystals/pillars in the area of the Western Front (WW1) in France and Belgium, in 210 locations. The Republic of Ireland has also received this healing and the rest of the planet will be healed by the end of this year, 2016. This action is to honour and respect those who paid the ultimate sacrifice; Blessing them all and all the animals, nature and the earth. However there is a need to clear the energy of all wars, world-wide, on all levels of Gaia, on land and in the sea and in the air, everywhere.

When someone dies, an imprint is left in the location and this is embedded in earth, so I wanted to heal that old energy of the person, while honouring and respecting them, so the earth can flourish and place its attention on Love, Light, Blessings and Prosperity etc. This mission is overseen by the Creator and ArchAngel Michael and is helping to lighten the energy of earth (Gaia) and to help people move from the old 3rd dimension to the current 5th dimension and beyond that.       This is such healing work and I love helping Gaia and all humanity in a way I can. Love, Michael.

A cemetery in France managed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission ( www.cwgc.org )

Along the Western Front from WW1 - There is a Red Zone where nothing can be built on or moved because there are unexploded bombs there and possibly remains of bodies. 

Left: The Lichfield Crater Cemetery is in a large bomb crater where Canadians were buried, in North East France.

Where the trees are ~ that is a Red Zone and in many places, like in & around Arras, there are children’s playgrounds and fields that are also Red Zones where nothing can be built on.

Warning signs all along the Red Zone from near the English Channel to near Switzerland

The beautiful Menin Gate Memorial at Leper / Ypres, Belgium where there are 34,000 names of people who do not have a burial place.


The Adelaide Cemetery, Villers-Bretonneux, France, where 523 Australians rest with 433 others

Below left:

At St. Laurent-Blangy, a German war cemetery, near Arras France where over 44,830 are buried. 

Below right:

The New Zealand Memorial at Le Quesnoy, N-E France. (Shows an Angel pointing the way)

Above:  /\  a Scottish Memorial near Arras, France. There are also Chinese, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Indian, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, Irish and British Memorials plus many from WW2 as well.                                                                               To the right above: /\ ~ How thousands were buried in WW1.

/\     The above sign is at many British, Commonwealth, Canadian or Australian & NZ cemeteries.  /  Right above:  /\  A French cemetery, in part of a community cemetery at Arras, France

Most of the land where the cemeteries are situated has been a gift from the French Government and people of France and Belgium. Gratitude for this gift and for everything all people have done.  The web site for CWGC is:  www.cwgc.org ~ we thank them for their work & upkeep.  

The awesome Notre-Dame De Lorette is a metal circular French International memorial with the alphabetical names of 600,000 from all nationalities who died in the Great War, 1914-1918 in this area of France & Belgium.

Ablain-Saint-Nazaire, near Arras, inaugurated 11 Nov. 2014 

Bless them all and all the earth. Click on Crystals for more info.    Suggested link to Mission Link - about 16 minutes.     All photo’s by Michael Bray.

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